signs and coincidence

The Beatles’ Let It Be came to me out of the blue yesterday and I’ve not been able to get it out of my mind since!  Amazing how things come out of nowhere sometimes and yet be so randomly fitting.

My ring is blue.  I’ve never seen it blue before!  Wow…it’s hard to stop looking at it while I type.  Was hard to stop looking at it a lot today.  It was so sparkly and beautiful!  I’m very grateful for it.

Seems the song’s message is clear…couldn’t get much clearer actually.  After two visits to him, I needed a screaming statement to remind me of what is, what he is, and what has been.

Learning the IChing.  It’s fascinating!  Ironically, similar message coming from the IC as the song.   What a coincidence!


Yesterday, I came across a person I know professionally and not all that well at that.  Mostly I run into him when I’m in court.  It’s brief.  Typically, “Do you have a copy of my report?”  And either he does and that’s that or he doesn’t, I give him one and that’s that…  However, he is one of those people who I get a strong sense from.  Not exactly sure why, but I always have and it’s a positive sense. 

So in a moment of absolute chaos and confusion last week, I contacted him at an inappropriate hour to ask a relative professional-type question in a personal regard.  It was strange because his name had come up in conversation earlier and later in my horrifying “moment”, I just reacted by calling him.  After some thought and gaining my balance back somewhat, I later realized this as inappropriate and wasn’t sure how to handle addressing and correcting my actions.


Last night after work, I stopped in the Home Depot to grab a few things and there he was!  How truly serendipitous!  We were able to discuss the situation and to my surprise, he was not judgmental or strange about the incident at all.  In fact, I was very much reassured that the only concern he conveyed about the entire issue was a willingness to help me!  In addition, I discovered that he had actually checked into the situation to be sure I had help (unbeknown to me).  He also repeatedly reassured me that I should not “beat myself up” for the situation.

Wow!  I’m very grateful for this man’s reaction and reassurance, especially as I know him in a professional capacity.    He shares the same first name and last initial as my satan.  It’s always been an odd feeling to write his name as “Dave K.” since that provokes the stangest feeling for me personally.  That is just an odd coincidence!

I am so overwhelmingly grateful for this kindness and respect.  Due to various recurring issues with the other “DK”, I’ve almost forgotten that I’m not to be judged and condemned instantly and chronically by every person.  And in this situation, I actually feel as though he could rightfully do so and  could not blame him for such an assessment, given his limited knowledge of me on a personal level.

It’s remarkable to realize how over time, certain “others” for reasons probably all their own, can strip you of feeling worthy of respect, compassion or just mere consideration and after chronic battles and an incessant need for self defense over anything and everything, you might not always realize how deeply that has affected your perspective of yourself, until the random genuine kindness from another.  

So, I want to be sure to give much thought and credit to this event and this kind person for opening my eyes to a few things and reconsidering my perspective of myself and the world around me.

Thank you Dave K.!!!  ~Namaste~