Yesterday he was sentenced.  In spite of my apprehensions and fears, I went to watch.  Before he went in front of the judge, I prayed that he would receive the sentence that God would feel best for him to get back to a good state of mind.  (But I couldn’t help adding, but God, please don’t let him go to jail. 

Well, he did get sentenced to one weekend in jail.  In the circumstances, this was a fairly lenient punishment, but at first I was bummed that he got jail at all.  Then, I felt calm and realized that I believe God answered my prayer.  It was certinly not the harshest punishment, but it was not completely forgiving.  So, that must be exactly what God feels would be the gentlest way of making it worthwhile.  I am grateful. 

It must be frightening for him to be on the other side of his own fence!  I’m worried a bit and it’s not what I wanted to happen, but I do trust that he’s strong and will be just fine.  It must be exactly what he needs…

I did not speak to him.  And I’m glad I didn’t have to.  I’ve changed my phone number recently too, so he no longer has any way to contact me.  I’m very sad that he can’t call if he needs me at all during this tough time, but drastic cuircumstances require drastic measures of protection…  I can no longer leave myself open to his twisted forms of abuse. 

I still love him though and I’m praying hard that that settles down more as time goes by without his influence.  I do feel much more peace of heart and mind knowing I’m safe from any contact…  but it sure is tough knowing what he’s going through…

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