Trusting the path of loving-kindness

If I truly had faith, I would not be concerned with the future.  I would not try so hard to analyze things and figure them out to know what’s ahead.  I would just have faith that it’s all going to work out.  I mean, it has to work out in some direction, so why stress about which direction?  If I could just have the faith that whatever happens, will be the correct thing for whatever reason it is, then I would rid myself of so much stress and worry.

Up until now, everything has happened for a reason.  Why should I give into the doubt that that will continue?  Life offers no other choice.  What will be will be and it somehow always turn out to be what is best and what’s meant to be…

If I embrace love and stay open to loving kindness and act on my own principles and standards, then I need not worry about the future.  It’s all taken care of today.  When did I slowly transform into this future-worrier?  Where’s that girl who just seized the day and let worries wash past in a moment’s thoughts?  She has to still be here somewhere…  The pain and struggles of life have gotten ahold of her for awhile and in thrashing against it, she wanted to protect herself and try to control and/or know the future. Yet trying to figure the future only brought more worry and struggles and still it didn’t change the future.

Loving kindness changes the future by closing to negativity and filling the world with light and love.  That is the greatest direction for all situations and lives!


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